Here at Lee Valley we’re all about having FUN and making your visit as enjoyable as possible

But it is very important to be safe so please be sure to read our Health & Safety information.
We understand the Farm is an exciting place for children and it’s not unusual for little ones to wander off and get separated from the group. Please read through this important information for parents, guardians and children before your visit to Lee Valley Animal Adventure Park top ensure lost children are reunited very quickly.

Owl inspecting it's food

Teach your child, if they are lost

  • Stop, stand still & look, don’t run about
  • If you see the person you were with, go to them and hold their hand
  • Look for a member of Lee Valley Farm Park staff wearing a blue uniform.
  • Tell them not to go up to anyone else.

If you lose your child:

  • Stay close to where you last saw them
  • Speak directly to a member of staff who will help you.

The best way to help a lost child is to try and prevent it happening in the first place and take precautions to help if it does.

  • Encourage children to stay close to you
  • Use reins or wrist links
  • Don’t leave a child in an unsupervised play area
  • Write a contact number on a wristband or tag
  • Carry an updated photograph
  • Make a note of what your child is wearing.