1. Arrive at Passport Control promptly for your tour time…elves do not like lateness!

2. Wear your warm clothes and wellies, it can get quite cold and surprisingly wet in the North Pole, and we want you to stay toasty!

3. Please leave your buggies at home, the North Pole terrain is not well-suited wheels. Unfortunately, this also goes for wheelchairs, all the Elves are very sorry for this.

4. Make sure you bring your dancing feet, elves love lots of participation!

  1. You might want to grab one of our delicious festive hot drinks before heading to Passport Control. Please remember to get to Passport Control promptly for your tour time.
  2. Once you’ve seen Santa Claus don’t forget to visit all our wonderful animals and meet our real Reindeer!
  3. We have gone cashless and can only accept credit or debit cards.
  4. Most importantly have a magical time and enjoy yourselves.